Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit of THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) is dealing with all problems and medical conditions related to women’s health. We have experienced specialists and supportive staff to take care of Antenatal Care, Deliveries and Post natal care along with other obstetric issues.
Our Hospital is recognised for legal MTP s and related treatments /surgeries.
Gynaecologists also provide excellent care for women’s other healthcare problems and perform various operations like :

1. Normal deliveries.
2. Caesarean Sections.
3. Ectopic pregnancy operations.
4. Family planning surgeries.
5. Dilatation and Curettage (D&C).
6. Hysterectomies.
7. Myomectomies for uterine fibroids.
8. Laparoscopic surgeries for tumours / growths.
9. Uterine prolapse operations etc...
10. Minor surgeries like cervical biopsy, cauterization, Os tightening etc.....

Emergency admissions and treatments for those having acute heavy bleeding, prolapsed body parts, ectopic pregnancy etc. are handled along with the routine work.

We have state-of-the-art endoscopy surgery instrumentation for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment plans. Major gynaecological surgeries can be done via keyhole or laparoscopic surgery to get best outcome and quick recovery. We also use the frozen section procedure during the course of surgery where malignancy is suspected.

"Women being a prime importance in our life we provide the entire healthcare to look after her."

Please Contact OPD on +91 8419999127 or hospital reception on +91 8876028889 or 022-25374370 for more details.

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