We at THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital), have currently a small but evolving Cardiac Unit which is capable of providing the most comprehensive cardiovascular (heart) evaluation and consultation along with comprehensive diagnostic cardiac services. We evaluate and treat heart problems such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart valve problems, rhythm problems, heart failure, and heart disease secondary to lung disease such as pulmonary hypertension.

We also specialize in the evaluation of patients with shortness of breath with exercise, preventive cardiology, exercise physiology, and are expert in the use of nutrition to improve and reduce cardiovascular risk. At THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital), our cardiology team which includes both senior, eminent as well as young Cardiologists work very closely with health care providers from all the medical fraternity, including critical care physicians, rehabilitation therapists, dieticians and floor medical officers to triage every potential critical cardiac patient in the most ethical, rational and evidence based manner, at a very reasonable and affordable price.

As one of the central Thane’s prominent and renowned hospital, we also are in the process of starting cardiac catheterisation / CATHLAB services for our patients who need to undergo angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker implantations etc. So in near future complete cardiology services will be provided under one roof.

Please Contact OPD on +91 8419999127 or hospital reception on +91 8876028889 or 022-25374370 for more details.

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