Dermatology is the specialised branch of medicine which deals with all types of medical problems of skin, nails, hairs and venereal diseases. Dermatologist treats skin and venereal diseases along with some cosmetic issues related to these external parts of the body. THC Hospital’s qualified and expert dermatologist treat and deals with all types of pathological and cosmetic skin problems by medical and even surgical interventions whenever necessary.

Treatments offered at Dermatology Clinic for:

  1. All types of infective and allergic skin diseases ( Dermatitis ) like itchy and dry skin, skin infections, rashes.
  2. Contagious and fungal skin diseases like genital warts, herpes, nail fungus, ringworm, scabies etc....
  3. Keloids and other skin growths.
  4. Skin cancers and bumps.
  5. Psoriasis and eczema.
  6. Hair and scalp problems like alopecia, dandruff, hair loss.
  7. Acne and other cosmetic problems like excess hair growth.
  8. Colour diseases or problems of skin.

Dermatologists are available for OPD consultations by appointment and also provide their expert opinion for indoor patients whenever referred.

Please contact OPD on +91 8419999127 or hospital reception on +91 8876028889 to get best solution for your skin problems.

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