Good Services, OT very clean and atmosphere in ward is peaceful and good. If anyone asks for the best hospital, I will refer them to THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) as a first choice.

- Vaibhav Pawar
Operated successfully for removal of implant from left arm
| 21st March 2018

Family atmosphere, making stay without tension. Rarely found anywhere else.

- Mangal Nanivadekar
Operated successfully for removal of ureteric stones & stent
| 5th February 2018

Usually people enter hospitals crying & come out smiling. I entered THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) in a dazed condition & came out teary eyed. I was overwhelmed by the treatment I received. The diagnosis was perfect, the treatment was quick, all the facilities were in house (and it didn’t smell like a hospital). Hospital stay, especially ICU is traumatizing. But here the doctors, the matron, sisters, even the mamas & maushis were so caring, sensitive & compassionate.
Dr. Nakhate, the administration rocks. I got to experience the word- "RUGNASEVA". The treatment & medicines of course cured but the love & compassion was a great healer. Dr. Rita, a thank you seems so insufficient. Shall always be indebted.

- Anjana Dewasthale, 51 years
Treated successfully for malaria
| 24th December 2017

TO THC (Thane Health Care Hospital), Thank you for all the support and care when I needed it most. The entire staff, starting from the reception at the entrance, to the doctors, has always greeted me with a smile. The doctors have been available at odd hours without any hesitation. It was truly genuine care at no extra cost. Wish you the best. Keep spreading the love!

- Ayushi Uppal, 20 years
Treated successfully for tuberculosis
| 18th October 2017

State of art facilities, great service and experienced doctors. Our favourite destination for healthcare!

– Mr. Ajay Patil

My mother underwent right TKR surgery with THC (Thane Health Care Hospital). We never felt that we were in a hospital. It was like being with a family that we never knew existed. All the staff were extremely polite and caring, loving with patients and relatives. My mother said she has never had such a pleasant experience in her life, where the trauma of and pain of surgery was overlapped by the care and attention at THC (Thane Health Care Hospital).

– Mr. Manish Vijay Kulkarni, 69 years
Operated for Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR)
| 1st March 2017

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