Brain and Central Nervous system are the most important part of our body as a main controlling system. Health issues and injuries to brain or nervous system is major concern and need to be handled with proper care and precautions.

Neurologists and Neurosurgeon attached to THC hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) are well qualified and trained to attend such critical neuro cases with maximum efforts to give best possible outcome.

Common Neurological disorders treated at THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) are :
  • Various types of strokes¬† and paralysis cases.
  • Brain Infections and inflammations ( Encephalitis & Encephalopathy ).
  • Epilepsy and other giddiness complaints.
  • Head Injuries to skull or brain.
  • Bleeding in brain and its coverings ( Subdural / Extradural Hematomas ).
  • Tumours of Brain and its parts.
  • Parkinson’s’ disease, Memory Loss etc.....

State of art operation theatres and well equipped ICU back up aids in proper handling of neurological cases and neurosurgical operations. Complicated neurology cases are well backed up by physiotherapy, laboratory and radiology facilities to increase the success of the outcome of treatment.

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