Plastic and reconstructive surgery is super speciality surgical branch which reconstructs the body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns and various diseases. It is intended to correct the dysfunctional and / or disfigured areas of the body.

Plastic reconstructive surgery is focussed on functional as well as aesthetics of the part of the body by offering various medical or surgical techniques. Our expert visiting plastic surgeons are happy to offer successful treatments for reconstructions of body parts for the best aesthetic and functional outcome.

They are well experienced in dealing with various surgeries for disfigurement reasons and also for acute or routine reconstructive operations like,

  1. Operations in burns disfigurement cases.
  2. Congenital repairs on the body like cleft palate, extremity defects.
  3. Disfigurement repair and reconstruction surgeries after trauma, accidents, and cancers.
  4. Scar revision surgery.
  5. Hand and feet surgery for functional and mobility reasons.
  6. Liposuctions, and abdominoplasties ( Tummy tuck ).
  7. Gynecomastia corrections.
  8. Surgical corrections for breasts augmentation, breast lift or breast reductions.
  9. Rhinoplasty for nose and eyelid lift for ptosis.
  10. Lips and cheek corrections and enhancement surgeries.
  11. Hair transplants or excess hair removal therapy ,botox treatments.
  12. Facial Countering or rejuvenation like face lift, neck lift etc...
Experts are available for OPD and IPD cases and also for day care services.

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