The word “Cancer” creates a lot of fear and stress in everyone’s mind. Now a days there is a significant increase in the number of cancer patients due to various reasons. At the same time medical branch has invented various weapons to deal with it successfully and effectively. Now we have more specialised trained cancer experts, newer diagnostic tools, new anti cancer medicines and modern surgical techniques to deal with this dreadful condition.
At THC Hospital (Thane Health Care Hospital) our qualified and expert oncologist and onco-surgeons are available to treat all types of cancers by the means of chemotherapy and surgeries. They are available for OPD and indoor patients to diagnose, investigate and treat cancers at various stages, early to advance and forms from benign to malignant.

Services available are :
  1. OPD consultations, investigations and diagnosis.
  2. Biopsies and bone marrow aspiration tests.
  3. Chemotherapy treatment cycles by Medical Oncologists.
  4. Cancer-surgeries for various stages of cancers, from minor to extensive complicated operations by expert onco-surgeons.
  5. Back up ICU treatment and monitoring whenever necessary.
  6. Comprehensive pain clinic if required.
Tumours and Cancers Treated are :
  1. Tumours and Cancers of kidney, prostate, bladder and other genitourinary parts.
  2. Tumours and Cancers of uterus, ovaries.
  3. Tumours and Cancers of oesophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder, bowels and other parts of gastrointestinal systems.
  4. Various bone cancers and tumours.
  5. Tumours and cancers of Breast and Lungs. 
  6. Cancers and tumours of thyroids, parathyroids and other endocrine glands.
  7. Benign brain tumours and cancers of brain and spine.
  8. Primary or secondary cancers needing extra care and extensive surgeries.
Our team of experts and supportive team deals with many cancer patients not only to treat it carefully and successfully but also provides tender loving supportive care to fight this scary medical situation bravely.

Please Contact OPD on +91 8419999127 or hospital reception on +91 8876028889 or 022-25374370 for more details.

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